What do I need to buy or to sell a property in Spain ? Solicitor and paperwork

What kind of paperwork do I need if I want to buy or sell a property in Spain?

Buying property in Spain

If you are thinking about buying a property in spain, you need someone to help you. Also if you are thinking of selling your property. Taxes to be payed, paperwork, everything.

Normaly at the U.K., you need a solicitor to help you with all the paperwork, but here in spain is not strictly necessary.

You can contract a registered APi. This is a official Agent of the inmobilian Property in spain and save all the problems and possible fraud.  For about 2.000 Euros, on a small-medium apartment purchase, you can contract a Spanish official agent of the property who will do all the paperwork for you.

Here in the next lines I will explain you all the paperwork that you need before you buy a property in spain.

Before buying a house or a villa or apartment or a Plot of land in Spain, you should have your N.I.E.   And What is the NIE ?

The NIE is a spanish document who allows you to pay taxes in Spain. This document must be processed at the “dirección general de policia ”  at the nearest capital of province in spain.

The NIE can be also processed trhough the Spanish Embassy in England. It could be in any embassy at the U.K.  it does not cost much money to be processed, just about 10 Euros if you do it yourself.

  1. You ned a few documents to apply for the NIE. First of all, your personal ID, like passport or Id.
  2. You need a certificate of a spanish Agent of the property saying why do you need the NIE. it is easy to get trhoug a Solicitor or a Property Agent.
  3. Then you in person must go to the police in the city capital with the form filled and originaly signed by you.
  4. in case that you do not want to go yourself, then you must go to a Spanish Notary to certify your signature and you can authorise a Solicitor or a Property agent to do all the paperwork for you.  The signature validtion at the notary can cost you from 60 to 80 Euros.    Then to get all the papers done, can cost you 2000 euros per NIE if you encharge someone to do it for you and collect the NIES once are aproved.

You also need a bank account in Spain.

Will continue updating information.

For futher information, contact me. You can also contract our services and we can help you with your paperwork, taxes, bank account and also check the property and make sure everyhing it’s ok before you buy in Spain.

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